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Latex Balloons

Rubber balloons are also known as party balloons or Latex balloons. It made up of latex tapped from rubber trees and it can be filled with air or helium and gas.

Why use a latex balloon?

 When you have special events like birthday parties or reception you can decorate your walls and ceilings with latex balloons and create an amazing atmosphere. Balloon decoration grabs the attention of peoples and enhances your personal impression. It creates a good impact on people’s minds.  You can print your custom message or photo on the balloon. It will customize as per your requirements.

Led bulbs can insert into a balloon and it will convert into the led balloon. Latex led balloons to create special effects on the night.   We provide every type of latex balloon or rubber balloon. 

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Rubber Balloon

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Advertising Balloon visibile from 500 meter from the installation place and balloon available in custom size


We provide our advertising balloon at reasonable price


You can customize your design as per your requirement


Professional and experienced team maintain the advertising balloon

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